Wedding Live

The newest trend in the wedding industry is to broadcast your wedding live over the internet with a wedding web cast. Just think you can reach all your friends and family that couldn’t actually make it to your wedding.

By web casting your wedding you can have a destination wedding and still share it with all your friends and family.

Can’t afford a big wedding yet you still want everyone to share in your special day?
Have a live wedding web cast that everyone can attend. Having a real time wedding web cast is also the perfect solution for those who have a lot of friends and family far away that can not make it to the wedding.

If this is your special day…
Let us Broadcast your wedding event live over the internet. Every couple has to go through the painful process of whittling down their guest list simply because you can only accommodate so many guests. But wouldn’t it be great if you could extend an invitation to those guests you have to exclude?

Or do you simply have a lot of friends or relatives far away that can not make it to the wedding? Our unique service provides the ability for you to broadcast a high quality video stream of your wedding live over the internet to friends and family who may not be able to attend your special event in person.

Wedding web casts are the newest web tool that brides and grooms are using to plan their wedding and make it easier than ever to reach out to friends and family. The wedding web cast is a great wedding tech tool that keeps loved ones from missing out on your big day.

It’s Easy!
1. Your wedding will broadcast live on a streaming server.
2. Share with your family and friends using a unique user name and password.
3. Your family and friends can watch the event LIVE on their computer!
4. Hankies and tissues are optional

With our professional videography equipment allows your viewers to watch your event in high quality!

100% secured broadcast without outsiders intrusion
High Quality Live Video and audio Streaming Wide screen /Full screen format
Ads free and no branding logos on player
Password secured player for authentication
Broadcast your wedding event live in minutes
Moderated Live chat for viewers. Broadcast your wedding live!

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